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      I was at the gym today talking to someone at the front desk. At the same front desk there was a man with dwarfism (not sure if that’s the correct term, sorry) and noticed how much he could look younger. Immediately after having that thought, I retracted and I felt what I could describe as no anxiety around it at all. It was almost like the realizing he was there and looked like that caused my reaction. The anxiety came after, realizing that I truly could have ocd since the thought caused that reaction. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t my [comment edited by moderators] I looked it up and it seems like you can also have ocd because of anxiety. But I didnt feel anxious at that moment, it came later. I’m worried that I’m attracted to them. I keep trying to convince myself I’m not but I think it’s pointless. Someone please guide me before I end up in a mental hospital one day.

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