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      Hi everyone,

      First of all thanks to everyone here on the forum and the moderators for their consistent help and support. I would like to ask how do you avoid the urge to gain certainty. It’s like OCD makes me that much desperate to get assurance and undeniable certainty which is not possible many a times and it ends up in a anxiety loop. Like I have false memory ocd and i had thoughts about doing some major crime in past and forgetting it. When it started last year in August i asked here on the forum. I also asked one of my friend(not close) who is a psychic about if he can see any signs of me doing any such thing. Well yeah it was 7 months ago and i remember some of the conversations between us but not all. Then slowly i started feeling better although the compulsions related to it are still present like checking hands and clothes after returning from work, trying to remember details of coming back home. Now few days back i got a thought what if i had told my friend that i had did something and he will someday try to blackmail me or something. Although i messaged him and asked him for the chats. He told me the chats were deleted and he also showed me the screenshots of these. But still i feel like to get certainty that yes i haven’t said anything like that to him. Even though, i know that time also i knew that it is all irrational and i may have asked him that way but mind doesn’t let this thinking stop. I asked him the same thing so many times even after he shared screenshots that he blocked me(i know it would have been annoying for him) but i’m just thinking desperately.


      I consulted a psychiatrist few days back and he prescribed me fluoxetine and to give back feedback about how i’m feeling after 15 days but i am very hesistant to take it because of the side effects i read about it and worried that it may affect my studies.


      Please advise……………

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