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      Hi everyone… Well, we’ve been busy… Study takes up time, as does home rearranging. At least the telly works! I’ve sorted stuff out from our shed… It is all in plastic to keep it dry. It’s so much easier to get at, rather than trying to go up into our loft space. Clear plastic boxes, so we can see where everything is… It’s all safe under lock and key, and heated by the deep-freeze. It is so nice to declutter… We’ve sent lots of stuff for recycling… Our bedroom is more spacious now. And I can get at everything in our spare room now. The rooms are light and airy…  In a few moments it will be food preparation… Fish and rice… Quick and easy to prepare, and a nice meal. We have stuff to take to a charity shop tomorrow… I’m sure it will be fine… And then we sort out some old books… So they look better on the bookshelves… And today, I haven’t used anti-bac gel once… As I haven’t been out anywhere. Our church is supposed to be opening up soon… But, no singing allowed!! (It might be time to try a different church!)  Emptying the junk from the shed was interesting… It all went to the tip… Such a lot of what we had was literally scrap… Dusty yes, but dirty? I don’t think so. It’s too late now if it is!! It’s all over the car now, and I’ve forgotten what else we’ve touched. We’ve done a tip run for some relatives too… I got it all in the skips, antibacced my hands once, and just went home… The weird thing is, It took ten years to stop myself doing, what they now expect us to do regarding Covid! Mind you, it isn’t me carrying the antibac gel anymore. It is provided once at the entrance of a supermarket… Then everything else is on everything else, as it always has been when going through the checkout… Always… And the only thing we’re concerned about catching, is Covid… Food poisoning has gone to the wall!  I wear my face covering still, as, from the moment we enter a shop, we are all on camera. So there will be no point trying to sue anyone… Maybe that will bring the prices down a bit!!  One thing that has changed is that we now run a diesel engined car…  If you get diesel on your hands, it has to be soap and running water to get the smell off, So I use the plastic gloves provided at good garages… Our local has them… Much better than getting diesel oil on the credit card! It’s not dangerous, just smelly… Okay… I’m hungry… Time to do an evening meal… Are frozen fish hazardous? I really don’t know… And the rice is instant in the microwave… A nice meal… Millions of people do this, and don’t get ill… So I can just go ahead… No need to wash hands between pieces of fish… Believe it or not, I used to!  I’ll put the last boxes into the shed, and get cooking! Let’s wait and see what happens!! More later.

      God bless you for reading

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