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      Okay…Nowadays, we seem to have more time to think than maybe we should have. Almost everything can be automated. Computers, like them or hate them, take over a lot of the mundane tasks, but as we don’t all have complicated and busy lives, we now have time to overthink things. We need to have a ‘POWOT’… ‘A Positive Way Of Thinking’. The outcome of our day might be the same, the sun will go down and it will get dark outside. But… The PWOT person, has a better time of it…  This differs from the ‘Positive mental attitude..’. In that the word ‘Attitude’ these days, is too often used in a negative context, as a putdown, as in ‘wrong’ or ‘Bad’ attitude. But Way Of Thinking, means basically the same, but in a positive context. It is said that, as adults, we are all children grown up. So, depending on what we were psychologically force fed as children, the way we saw ourselves then, follows on into later life, and for some, this is a massive cross to bear.  A Really good TV programme on at present is ‘The big body hotel’. It goes out on a Tuesday night on the Quest Red TV channel. It shows a gentle form of CBT in action. People letting go of the ‘Cr*p’ in their lives, and restarting to become themselves as they would like to be. It has taken right up to my retirement years, to actually really be the person I would like to be… My life goal now, is to move from being a constant patient, to actually qualify to help others who go through the same things every day… Us Ocd’ers have a unique appreciation of life issues, rather than understanding, a wealth of life experience. This cannot be taught in the classroom. We do as small children do, and test the ground at every step. We metaphorically crawl around on the floor, and forget to wash our hands, to defy things, because with ordinary things, our immune systems protect us. I could die of a heart attack tomorrow… But today I’m gonna work at being happy… Blissfully happy…  I try to enjoy life, rather than endure it… Regardless…  Throughout the Covid situation, I have been doing stuff that it has taken the last ten years to stop…  But I no longer carry antibac gel… I use it ‘once only’, when entering a shop, if it is provided. It will be interesting to see what the world will be like when our young people take over… What they’ve had to endure through the last school year has been pretty traumatic…  Gel, Masks, Testing, isolation etc. And they are the last to get vaccinated, if at all… Talk about scary…  Thinking of school… I need to get back to my studies… So I get to make the metaphorical gallons of lemonade, from what has been a pretty awful lemon… More later,

      God bless you for reading…


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