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      Hi everyone… Today it was another visit to a hospital… Wife in wheelchair, being pushed by me. We went in a different way this time… As we passed the sanitisation (I nearly said sanity!) point, and gelled my hands, and just the handles of the wheelchair. Passed the cafe with no seats in(!), and made our way to the department. It is on the groundfloor, so no lifts today. We had to wait in a waiting room. I actually tried two seats! The comfortable one was better, knowing that I have already antibacced my hands. Into the surgery, someone else getting the door handles, and sat down again. So far so good. Maybe forty minutes later, and we are out, back to the parking payment machine. Glass screen. I’ve antibacced my hands again while waiting, then I have to type in my car reg, then pay contactless. On the way home, we visit a supermarket to get, amongst other things, decaff coffee. We get meal deal sandwiches and drinks. A few more important things like Easter eggs, I love my chocolate!  Pay, load up, and then home. Put the shopping away, then sat in a chair to eat lunch. No, I didn’t wash the sandwich pack, or the miniporkpie pack, or my drink bottle.  I never have… I did wash my hands before sitting down for the meal, that’s usual.   In public places I’ve been antibaccing my hands… Wearing my mask… Following government guidelines… I’m doing my duty…  Anyway, I ate my lunch, then had a cup of decaff coffee, and got back into my studying. Using the computer, Writing in my learning journal, with a ballpoint pen. We’ll be okay, and so will everyone else around us. As far as we know… As far as I know…  God bless you for reading.


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