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      Hi there. It is very quiet here. Tomorrow (Thursday) is our weekly shopping trip. We stay in the rest of the time and week. We’re in full lockdown, so it is essential and local travel only. I’m trying to continue with my study, but it is difficult to keep motivated. I’m very interested in Psychology, I just wish I could retain the information I am reading. I found out today that windows 10 allows us to right click on text and we can select it to read aloud the text on the page. It’s not perfect, but it may help to cement the stuff in my memory. Anything I can make use of just has to be a blessing. We get a lot of shopping from Aldi. They are very good value on a small budget. The electronic organ I own and play is a very nice Wersi!  It is raining heavily outside as I write, storm Christophe is passing over the UK tonight. It is cosy indoors listening to the rain, just as long as we get no flooding. I didn’t take my night time medicine last night, and actually had the best night I’ve had for years. I’ll stay on the daytime medicines, but give the nightime one a week and see how it goes. I know I don’t seem to worry as much at night now, but it is a wait and see… More in the morning, God bless you for reading.


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