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      When we first seek help, there can be a very long waiting list, and not just because of the pandemic situation.  My first course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, had a wait of nearly a year, and that was before I knew whether or not it would be of any help to me. It would then take a second course of treatment, to finally equip me with the skills necessary to really progress against my crippling, cntamination and checking OCD.  Self help is really effective ally in the treatment of many health conditions.  My favourite book is,  ‘Cognitive  behavioural therapy for dummies ‘ , written by Rob Willson, and Rhena Branch, published by Wiley.  It gives us the tools to combat the condition, before, during, and after therapy.  I do write my own books too, under my pen name of Marcus john Kim, published on Amazon. Another really brilliant book is called ‘Feeling good, the new mood therapy’ written by a Dr David Burns. He has some really brilliant ideas. It is also available second hand…

      I have also taken to listening to relaxation music on Youtube. There’s a lot of amazing stuff to help us out there. My favourite? The album ‘Paint the sky with stars, , by Enya.


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