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      Hi everyone… Yesterday it was a trip to our local shop. List in hand to make sure I didn’t forget anything, plus, in mind, one item not actually on the list. Facemask on… Is it dangerous yet? Well, most if not all the days customers will have face masks on. It is the law. We are all on camera. The antibac gel dispenser requires two hand operation because the nozzle is so long it misses your hand! Pick up a basket. Dangerous yet? Polythene bag of potatoes… Then round for two plastic bottles of milk, all in the basket. Then a few other things. Wait at the till, then present my basket to the cashier. They handle everything as they scan it, and then everything goes into carrier bags. Tried to pay contactless, but the machine failed, so placed card in slot, pressed the number buttons, and the one that used to be green, payment successful, removed card. Dangerous yet? I really don’t know… We’ll have to wait and see.  One sobering event, visited Hospital on Tuesday. Went in the lift… Pushed the buttons, got to appropriate floor. There are three lifts. One, staff only, one Covid only, and the one we used. Any risk? I really don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see. The Covid one had it’s own, clearly marked call button. As long as everyone else in that hospital has used the provided anti bac gel on their hands, there is no risk whatsoever from the lift buttons. It is something we just don’t know. But it is worth the tiny risk to get hospital treatment. We really needed the hospital treatment, it was an emergency. we paid for parking, I used antibac gel again once before touching the touch screen, to protect myself and others, well, to do the right thing. I then drove home. That was three days ago now. No ill effects so far. Was it dangerous? And if so , Why? We really don’t know for sure, but our visit to hospital was important.  This is how a CBT therapist might talk to me. Is it dangerous to go shopping or hospital? Why? We can see that on balance, we will be okay, and yes, we are… Statistically, we are relatively safe as long as we stick to Covid rules as prescribed by the experts. We do need to take precautions, definitely. That is for ours and others safety. But we don’t need to overdo it. Reasonable care is what is required. Reasonable. We can do that. Away from Covid, and that is important, away from Covid, everything, and everyone is contaminated with something, and always has been. Is it dangerous? Really?Right from crawling on the floor as babies, to picking up multiple items in a supermarket. Can we let it be so?  Reasonable precautions. But it’s not easy is it? God bless you for reading.


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