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      Thank you for responding. It means a lot to me.

      I’ve been treated pretty badly frankly and have even made a complaint about the behaviour of two members of the community mental health team.

      The way things stand – and this is after letters, phone calls and emails – the only viable option I have right now is to see somebody privately. Finding someone who uses CBT-ERP has been very challenging and a therapist I’ve got an appointment with today (this evening) I’m not entirely sure is a practitioner of ERP.

      In general I don’t like to complain but the way I’ve been treated is appalling – from a GP to mental health workers. I don’t think I could have been anymore proactive than I have been. It’s been a living hell again for most of this year and I’ve not encountered a single person working in the NHS who cares – at all.

      I will ring the number above to have a chat. Thank you.

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