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    Choking on flowers

      I had transgender-themed ocd a while back but it went away for a few days. However, yesterday I had an intrusive thought that has been with me for a while. I briefly mentioned this in my first post about my trans ocd, and it is that one of the reasons I fear that I could be a trans male is because I relate to a lot of male characters in stories. Before all this, I never saw it as me relating to those characters because I wanted to be a boy. I saw it as me relating to their struggles and situations and never really considered their gender. I also just figured that most stories have male leads and not many stories have female characters that I can fully relate to. Only a few. I usually always project myself onto the characters I relate to the most and see myself in those characters, which just so happen to be male. It had never crossed my mind that i could be doing it because I wanted to be a male. I know this sounds like something dumb but ocd is trying to convince me that this is solid evidence that I’m in fact a trans male in denial. Can someone give me some insight? I really need to clear my mind through all these thoughts.

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