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      Hi again. If you were to toss a coin, and say Heads was stay and tough it out, or tails, escape and resume study in Germany. Which way would you sort of like it, or prefer it, to fall? Is there an office at the university who can take this problem off of you? You are there as a student, and pay good money for tuition fees and accommodation, and they really need to keep to their side of the bargain. You have the right to have good health, and that is vital if you are to do any type of study. It could do you more damage if the university won’t help. But then, is there part of you who wishes it was okay there? It is your decision, and whatever you decide is best for you, and you alone, has to be accepted by everyone. In other words, don’t risk a full blown breakdown, they are difficult to come back from. Write all this down in your learning journal, it will help you to come to an informed decision as to what to do next.  God bless you for reading.


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