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      Hi everyone. Well, today I feel really awful. I always get a cold at this time of year. It just makes me feel miserable… The Ocd has taken a bit of a backseat today. We had a delivery this morning. The outer boxes were wet and grubby… I opted to have a meal and drink while the boxes dried out. It was a self assembly dining table and chairs. It took all day to assemble. I feel really lousy physically, but mentally, I’m fine if just a little tired… Just sapped of strength. I’ve managed to eat… Hopefully I’ll be fine after a nights sleep. For me, the common cold is an absolute downer. It stops me functioning… I really hope I feel better tomorrow. I’ll need to go shopping on Wednesday… I won’t drive… I can’t be bothered… I still feel positive, but lousy. I’ve done no study today… I can still remember the stuff I worked on Yesterday, but today has just been a non-starter. I got up very  early because of the early delivery. So I’ve had a very long day… I feel really miserable… It started on Saturday. I know that cos my enthusiasm for a particular task just evaporated… We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings. God bless you for reading.


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