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      Long time fan, first time poster. I feel a bit bad posting this as I can see so many people are deep in turmoil and this seems fairly minor.

      I had for many years very severe Pure OCD. I was a pretty classic case. Violence or anything that would make me think I was bad.

      Though I can’t say I’m cured I’m very deep into recovery and it’s very well managed. I live a good, solid life and it doesn’t really impact me too much anymore.

      EXCEPT… Somewhere along my recovery journey I’ve developed a sort of semi-Tourette’s or maybe vocal tic. Usually this is when I’m recalling something stupid or embarrassing that I’ve done. I feel this intense build up of embrassmemt and end up quietly but out loud swearing, or saying “kill myself” (I have no intention of doing this) or occasionally I’ll just make a noise.

      I wasn’t too bothered by it but I think it might be getting worse, not better and my wife has started to notice. I know it’s somewhere in the realm of intrusive thought/ritual to try and stop the feeling. But I just don’t know how to stop it. It happens so quick. Any tips or advice warmly received.

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