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      Hi everyone, The thing is, this all happened several days ago, and so far, no tummyache…  I also bought milk, in those 4 litre plastic bottles, with the screw tops. I used to instinctively check that the tops were on tight. By the time they have gone through the till, they have everything on them… And yet, We have never ever cleaned them before use… Same with mushrooms… We don’t peel mushrooms either… So far, so good… Today, a parcel arrived… Something I’ve won on ebay… I unwrap it from all the bubble wrap. It is very old… Is it perfectly clean? No way… We can’t antibac antiques! It will be fine.  One important thing I have noticed is that, since the Ocd died down, I can remember stuff I’ve read about on line. I can actually study better than I ever have been able to, even all those years ago at school. I could retrain for a new career… Or write a book… I’ve learnt a lot about mental health, and the surrounding subjects.  Mmmm… It’s an idea…  I’m also getting better at cooking food… Having said that, one day, it will be nice to go out for a meal in a restaurant or pub…  And maybe go to a cinema again… This covid has been going on for so long, that I don’t think we will ever be ‘normal’ again… We have lost at least one old friend to Covid…   Some time ago, I bought an antique clock. Years ago, I was good at repairing them at one time… The thing is… It is very old… Hundreds of people will have handled it… There’s no way of knowing… When I get some spare time, I’ll service it, and get it working… I’ve never before owned a chiming clock… Okay… I do wash my hands regularly, but it is a lot less than it used to be… Now it is just for Covid situations… Keeping to the rules…  Incidentally… I watch a cooking programme on Saturday mornings. I like to see that they’ve ditched the special colour coded chopping boards, in favour of a large piece of tree! That periodically gets wiped over with a towel. The thing is, no one gets ill…. More later. God bless you for reading…


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