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      Hello everybody, I am currently working really hard on my OCD. I try to minimize avoidance behavior and increase exposure to my fears. Unfortunately it has only been a few weeks that I have been trying this. In contrast I have been avoiding and giving in to fear for so many years, so at the moment it still feels like a really unfair fight. I am always trying my best. An example is leaving the house and going for a walk. It usually works pretty well for a certain time because I have learned to go out with focusing on specific aspects I discussed with my therapist. I try to be mindful about being outside and walking. But at the moment usually on the way back I already get tired, insecure and fear starts creeping back in. Then comes the turning point where I feel overwhelmed and anxiety takes over. Then being outside, passing by people, crossing streets suddenly gets very scary again. The mindset I had when leaving is gone and I feel very anxious. I then just push through it the best way I can and go home. At home then my OCD goes after me for ”failing”. Telling me terrible stories and showing me false memories of me causing accidents, hurting people. I just try to keep practicing and hope it will get better and that I will be able to keep it up longer.

      Does anyone have thoughts, ideas or advice regarding this? I would really appreciate that!

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