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      Hi everyone. First of all, it’s a massive “well done” that we all have stayed calm through all this, I’m not sure I could have done the same in the past. We are now in a safer environment, so that is good, except for students who can’t go back to the universities cos of the Covid19 situation. Any student facing difficult times at university could take this forum thread to help explain how things are, universities will maybe have someone available to help with this. Students a long way from home need all the support they can get, and  universities have a duty of care, to make sure everything is right to help with continuing studies. I don’t mind them seeing this thread, to save anyone having to print it out. None of my writing is copyright anyway. As a backstop, if anyone does end up returning home to study there, it is not a failure. Life for students away from home is difficult at the best of times, but the Covid situation is affecting the whole world. To be fair,  parents may well be glad to see them, and  vice very. It’s not failure. The whole world is in crisis at the moment, but students do have a right to continue their studies. Students are our future, and as such, society needs to invest in them. It might be a good idea for students to update parents on the situation and definitely make an appointment to see whoever at their university looks after student welfare. There will be someone… A student representative maybe, but it is important, health comes first, cos without that we cannot do anything for long. Stay positive, it is the beginning of term, and there’s lot’s to sort out for lot’s of students. Grab all the help your universities have to offer, and hopefully, things will gradually come right… It’s not easy, is it? I ended up using counselling services when I was at a Brick university in the 1990’s. But health needs to come first. We are all doing ever so well sorting this out, and such dedication deserves to succeed. Meanwhile, stay safe in this Covid situation, remember there are Vaccines, but it will take months to get everyone protected. Thinking about it, universities probably have a medical dept, sort of like school nurse, even doctor of some sort, cos it’s like being in a small town. Students, make sure you get something to eat and drink… You need to keep your strength up. Hopefully things will look a lot better and to be honest, as a parent/grandparent myself, I’m pretty proud anyway.  I cooked Pizza this evening, served it as I normally do, on the boxes… It’s never caused harm before… I’m gonna up date that thread right now. Stay in touch everyone. All this wil definitely affect Ocd, cos stress is a contributing factor. God bless you for reading.


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