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      I sometimes feel this way: my brain is very good at tricking me. I stick with a thought and try to ‘defeat’ it and find an answer once and for all. Hard pill to swallow but this OCD – it’s a condition that makes you feel doubt. It’s the not knowing that hurts us and the truth is, we look for answers when there will never be a straight “I am this” or “I am that” answer for most of us.
      I read a self help book on it recently, it’s difficult but we need to try stop giving the thought itself so muc attention and recognise you’ve had the thought but just try and let it fizzle out, don’t examine it etc. Difficult to do but apparently over time you’ll think about it less and less.

      I need to work on this also I’m afraid – we seem to have similar problems. My issue is OCD as opposed to OCD but I can imagine it’s very distressing! hopefully you everyone gets the help and support needed – always recommend self help books as they help.

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