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      Hi there. I still haven’t bought that kebab… But something newish….  Pizza and garlic bread with cheese. Cooked on a baking tray in the oven, and served on the flattened boxes. And absolutely no antibacterials. What is on the cardboard boxes from the freezer shop? I really don’t know. .. Same as what was on the rest of the shopping as it went through the checkouts… Today I tried an adult sized scooter for the first time in over fifty years! There was no need to antibac… Going to the gym last week was weird. .. They tell us to anti bac the treadmills before and after use! Because of covid.  So we do. Once only…  I have music on headphones. .. Rock music. .. With a powerful beat… It makes the session go quicker… A brisk uphill walk for an hour or so…  Really good… All done with face mask on. Will it be safe tomorrow?  Well… It has always turned out okay before. .. So I will rely on that evidence. ..

      God bless you for reading.


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