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      Id like to apologize if ive disturbed anyone, I know my posts get a bit too detailed. Today I saw a photo and felt a positive emotion, which im interpreting as attraction. This is the problem. I repeatedly saw the picture 2 more times and felt the same thing, to a lesser degree. I felt a sense of “happy” or “that’s cute”. I asked myself if it was true, but I didn’t feel anything. I think it was a sense of love. How would I even feel this when I dont have feelings myself. What other answer is there other than romantic attraction? Ive asked before what the purpose of this is or the “why” of feeling all this. I honestly think it’s attraction and that I cant do anything about it. I saw a someone in the street as well and felt as if he was gonna get in my car.. Im just nervous and scared of what I am. No one has an answer, yet I need one.

      I dont want to compare it to a feeling I got with a crush I’ve had. I might be in denial of having ocd I don’t understand all this and need some help or at least some advice. I know that being in a relationship like that is gross and doesn’t make sense to me at all, but why do I feel these feelings and why do they feel positive? There’s so many questions and not enough answers. Could this be false attraction or something?

      Someone help

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