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      I have bin so close to giving my kids up because the thoughts has made me so ill !!! But a life without them would be so much worst x I really hope you find the right help don’t get me wrong some months are amazing and I can ignore the thoughts but some I can’t even get out of bed because the thoughts frighten me that much it’s so confusing


        You don’t need to give up your children. I’ve known several OCD sufferers terrified of hurting people including their own families and they never did. Our sense of decency and revulsion at even the thought of hurting somone is what causes the terror as I well  know. Sometimes I think sufferers haven’t necessarily found the right therapist, aren’t in the right space mentally to engage or have other reasons why therapy isn’t helpful. That’s not me saying I don’t think it’s helpful as I believe therapy is – right therapy, right therapist and the right time I mean.


          Have either of you tried Citalopram? I found that 20 mgs worked well for me. I’ve now reduced to 10.

          What about a gym membership? And reading some stuff you are really interested in?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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