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      Hi there. Trying to think of good news….at least many of us have a clean kitchen, bathroom  and can sleep at night. And food to eat regularly. How long will we need to quarantine for I wonder? As of tomorrow, it will be the same for people everywhere the UK.  This covid 19 won’t last forever… Supermarket and doctors surgery is all I can do at the moment.  As regards clothing, just airing it would be enough I guess. Anything from the apartment will be gone now. Thankfully we have the internet for study purposes, so we can do our research. I’m intending restarting my studies tomorrow (I’m feeling a little lazy today!), and working towards starting an access course from October. At least, that is the plan. I’ve met a few psychologists as part of my recovery. And CBT therapists… The trouble is I would have to write in a ‘professional’ manner. I tried that as a nursing student many years ago, but didn’t do very well. But what I maybe could do is write a fictional story about going through CBT and the last ten years or so, taking a fictional character through it all. Mmmm… Now that maybe a good idea… I can write that in my learning journal… I struggle to read and recall scientific information for exams. It could be the amount of medicine I’m on, but any dose changes have to approved by the local mental health team, for changing by my GP. To be honest, I’ve deliberately missed doses to see what happens. Perhaps I just need more sleep… I do stay up late sometimes watching telly. I love watching medical programmes about people getting well, it’s a positive lift to go to sleep on!  I’ve just picked up my mobile phone… It has a leatherette case… Is it clean enough? I really don’t know, but it is something that millions of people do every day, without worry… So, just maybe, it is fine.  I have a gorgeous cream coloured chunky woolly jersey… I’ve worn it several times, but never yet washed it. I’m actually scared of it going out of shape in the washer… It has a tiny mark of spilt coffee/tea on it, but it is barely noticeable. I actually got it for Christmas… It looks okay, so I think I’ll just keep it as it is… It might spoil it to wash it. My Christmas jersey is the same… It looks okay. I won’t go to the extreme of sniffing it… I  will air it outside when the weather permits, laying it flat so it doesn’t stretch. In the meantime, all the best with your studies, It just has to get easier now, and I bet, deep down, your Mum and Dad are glad to have you home again. I haven’t seen my youngsters for a long time, we have to stay local. I will work hard at my studies too. Let’s all look forward to the future with positive vibes. I’m still reading that book on kindle…  More later. God bless you for reading.


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