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      Hi everyone  To be honest, I’m looking at scaling back to concentrate on study and hope all the best for the future. Let’s all keep pushing on… Try to stay positive, and stay safe. I do feel a little better today, to be honest, some cold ‘cures’ actually make me feel worse, so I haven’t taken any this evening. I’ll be going outside tomorrow for the first time this week, I need some fresh air. I’ve washed my washable face mask ready for tomorrow. My wife has an appointment at outpatients in local hospital, and I have to push the wheel chair. She drives, so I won’t need to tomorrow. Covid is getting really serious here in the UK. So I’ll be using the antibac gel just once on entering the hospital, and then on entering the department. I have to go through to the department, cos last time I went to the coffee bar, my phone didn’t work, so they had to bring her out to me! On the way out it is antibac once before paying for parking, and then home. I used to use antibac almost continuously, and that was way before the covid situation started. We will go shopping, for some really nice bread rolls… And Potatoes, although they usually come in a bag, but they are pre-washed for convenience. They just go straight into the microwave oven, to crisp in ordinary oven for a short time. Easy! Just a little salt on. Are they safe? Well, according to my CBT therapist they are, and to be fair, they’ve always been fine… And delicious… Tomorrow there will be challenges, but for tonight I will try and sleep. God bless you for reading.


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