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      I feel like I’m relating to so many of these posts on here hahahaha. I just want to tell you you are not alone. For me I was very confused. I thought that the voice arguing with me in my head was an actual voice telling me I wanted to do bad things and I couldn’t tell the difference for a while. I think I also got very scared because as I was falling asleep once, I heard loads of screaming noises and that was pretty terrifying. I think it’s important to remember how powerful your mind is because I think I was just simply imagining it. I remember myself reading the thing about schizophrenia and I was very well and truly scared. But it’s really unlikely and we can’t always trust what we read on the internet. I hope you’re doing better. Remember a lot of this is just rumination because it’s a projection of your biggest fears. OCD essentially convinces you of your biggest fears which aren’t true.

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