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      I’ve been suffering with ocd and intrusive thoughts for a while now, I’ve just had my 2nd child and am quite emotional at the minute, I’m crying all the time and recently I’ve had intrusive thoughts about things I never wanted to do and I feel horrible for it, my husband knows everything and is so comforting. He said where is the evidence for these thoughts? Have you ever wanted these thoughts, no, so there is no evidence, then ocd started saying in my head convincing me I wanted the thoughts at some point but can’t remember and I feel sick so sick! I get false memories in my head of a time I might have said something out loud about thoughts that pop into my head which isn’t nice, and it’s mixing things up in my head making me think I have, this would absolutely destroy me! I feel I just don’t deserve this life I have and I feel like such a horrid person, it’s not thoughts coming into my head or what I did it’s just making me feel like I’m making myself out to be a bad person, has anyone else had this before? I’m also due to get a photo shoot with my family as the 2nd baby has just come but I feel sick at the thought of getting photos done when I’m thinking like this and now have the thought of this special moment getting captured while I’m thinking like this, il forever be thinking oh that’s the pic when ocd convinced me to think like this and it would be such a bad memory for me!! Please help


        I know this post is old but I am also a mom with OCD that is centered around my child. I feel exactly how you feel. I hope tbat you are doing better in life. I have A 2 year old and scared to death to have a second because I don’t know how many more of these thoughts I can have. I am in a lot of pain emotionally

        Tooold 55

          Hi ,your not a horrid person ,its ocd I have these thoughts too ,you deserve a happy life ,just our trickster mind can try to convince us otherwise ,

          Ocd can be cunning but when you learn it’s mechanisms not so scary ,more annoying .

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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