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      This is so scary I’m pretty sure that I definitely have ocd im super scared to talk to a therapist in fear that they may misdiagnose me and actually think I’m a danger to society. I’ve been having this thought in my head and it seems that everything went back to normal for awhile until I actually started thinking about it so as I was saying I thought I went back to normal and went on with my life. Now there is this thing called [content removed by moderators] there is different levels of it and it’s super controversial  keep in mind it involves people online but there is different spectrums of it keep in mind I’m into into the deeper end of it I just like my significant other and being taken care of…I’m 20 btw so I’m of age but I know there is some more deeper stuff in [comment edited by moderators] which I am definitely not into like it involves acting and stuff which in my opinion is gross and I’m not into that. But I just keep feeling like maybe I actually am like that and not worthy of life. If anyone has any advice for me let me know please

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