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      Hello again, I do hope that this post finds you well. I know that I am new to OCD action, but I have had a really difficult day feeling overwhelmed today with my OCD contamination thoughts. I have been out working my dog today, and usually I enjoy my time out. However, I have been experiencing strong ocd thoughts that after I picked up their dog mess, I have gone near needles and have now been infected by HIV/Aids. I suffer with these horrible thoughts on a daily basis but for some reason today they appear so real!! I am not sure if anyone else ever experiences these types of contamination fears, but I wanted to ask as I feel so silly and daft when they come into my mind. Following this, I spent the majority of the day washing and scrubbing my hands to reduce any risk to myself and my immediate family. Does anybody have any ideas of how they would approach these fears? I am sorry if I’ve causing distress to any fellow person on this site.

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