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      okay so I was on the internet and I am a huge nerd. So me and my friend were joking the other day about it. Just lightheartedly making fun of it so I decided to look it up and I guess you could say I accidentally came across [Comment removed by moderator] and a picture and it freaked me the hell out. I tried to let it go but my mind kept telling me to go back and look at the picture and find about the character thinking it would help me I did go back and I found her ?. I didn’t ask for this to happen to me it’s beating me up at the fact that I basically viewed bad things right?! Keep in mind I didn’t go intentionally looking for this it just happened to pop up when I looked up some pictures. I feel so bad that my mind is telling me that I’m a bad person for going back to look at it ?. And I even feel like maybe I liked it and wanted to see more since I clicked this other button and it sent new to a link that I caught a glimpse of but exited out quick since I obviously didn’t want to see it. I feel so scared my kind tells me to go back and check again and I just feel like a complete. Please someone help me

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