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      Have ROCD for a number of years have been diagnosed with OCD and taking medication. I’d say I’m 80% better than what I use to be and am able to manage it way better. One thing that bothers me and is keeping me in this OCD hell is when I test. So I’ll test watching videos and look to see if have an intrusive thought or image. Something that happens is I’ll be [content edited by moderators]. I don’t understand this I keep doing this over and over to try and see what causes this I don’t feel anxiety like I use to anymore so I worry that this isn’t anxiety based? I don’t want to look at videos at all but even if I try it’s only when I [content edited by moderators] and this seems to make it happen? I dont know what the cause of this is why does this happen if I’m afraid of it and I don’t like it?

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