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      Hi Has anyone experienced ocd meds stop working? Was on prozac for 5 years and had to increase the does, and still didn’t work. My psychiatrist said that it does not loose its effect but I don’t agree. So changed to sertraline, think its started to work but but will it wear off too?


        I agree with you. After a time meds do seem to lose their potency.

        I found citalopram to be helpful in the short term.


          Hi there. Medicines seem to be able to reduce the anxiety levels for at least a while, but what really helps is, in conjunction with medicinal help, is changing the way we think. Getting assertive, defying the thoughts, metaphorically fighting for our natural human right to be happy.  And we indeed do have that right. I do, You do.

          Also, in the green tab at the top of this page, is ‘All our resources’, in there there is a lot of stuff to help us as we battle with this demon OCD.  These days, I can let the though just be there in the background, until it fades away completely, to be taken over by happier thoughts, and enjoying my life again. Welcome.


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