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      Hey there,

      OCD is so strange and presents us with such strange ideas and thoughts. You know for a fact you wouldn’t want this woman comforting you. Youve linked two anxieties together here: the woman you don’t like comforting you and your sons funeral. These are simply intrusive thoughts and don’t hold any meaning or truth whatsoever. You could not go to the hen party however I feel like going would be the best thing to tackle your OCD head on as not going is avoidance which only reinforces your OCD and tells you that there is something to be afraid of. The best thing I’ve learnt is to just let the thought be. Don’t analyse the thought, don’t think “what if I want her there?” “Do I actually like her as a person even though she’s not a nice person?” “Why am I thinking about my sons funeral does that mean I want him to die??” These are maybe things that you worry about when you’ve had this thought because you’re analysing it! Next time you have it just think “yeah right as if!” And try to move on from it. It’s hard but it gets easier with practise. Take care x

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