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      I remember holding my baby and she fell asleep on my chest . I was so worried with intrusive thoughts about not getting that feeling. Then I got an intrusive thought like “oh just get a feeling” which is not my desire at all! But it wasn’t pleasurable but it freaked me out and put me in the mental hospital. Do you all feel like I acted on a thought? Or if I did something what did I do? I just feel like because the intrusive thought was “just let yourself feel something” and then I felt something. Although it wasn’t a pleasurable feeling. Has anyone done this or had similar experiences?


        Hi there and welcome. To be honest, thoughts and reactions like this are almost beyond our normal rational control. It comes from distant ancestors, hundreds, mabe even thousands of years ago. It is the biological ‘animal’ part of our bodily systems,  evolution if you like, before we became as domesticated and relatively rational as we are today. We are mainly different now, without all the ‘survival instincts’ we needed, to promote the species, and hunt wild animals for food. Sometimes, some of those long outmoded feelings and thoughts resurface,  and it scares us. It is as natural as breathing, and a self regulating heartbeat. We are organic earthly creatures. Part of the world we live in. 100% natural. The fact that we worry about such things, proves that we are indeed good people. Actually beleiving that for ourselves is the tricky bit!


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