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      I’ve been feeling pretty bad as of late. Not constantly, but frequently enough that I thought I’d come here and vent a little…

      As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’m now scared I might be attracted to someone. It’s absolutely miserable.

      I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes when I get the OCD thoughts, I’ll feel a very subtle sensation in my hands, and I’ll feel the need to sort of flap them around or scratch at my palms or something. The same thing with the responses; I’ve taken to that when I have a bad thought, or feel something, hoping it wil l subside. I’ll also grab part of my upper chest, or dig my nails into my skin.

      A few days ago when I was in the store with my mom, there was someone in there, and my body and mind felt like they were going nuts. I was sweating, fidgeting, I was a mess.

      I’ve desperately been trying to keep my mind off of it, but sometimes I need to hear from other people like me.

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