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      I have this ocd intrusive thoughts which are bothering me, I was watching videos maybe 2 or 3 times a week because I could  at that time, [comment: edited by moderators] Once when I was watching it I was changing videos because I watch them for about 2 or 4 days in the row once a day so I decided to look for other videos but still in the same category and same actors but I stumbled across a video which triggered my OCD really bad And it gave me really bad feeling that I wanted to stop having [comment: edited by moderators] (I know it can do that) which was Disgusting and I tried to stop it so bad while having a panic attack because of it. But now my OCD thoughts are telling me this was because of the escalation even though I was still looking for same category  only. I wasn’t looking for any wierd stuff that triggered my ocd and gave me this bad response. My ocd thought are trying to tell me it was escalation.e. It is very traumatic for me.

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