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      OCD Action is calling individuals, families, groups, schools, offices to get creative this September and think of inventive ways to raise a £1 a day or £30 in one go!

      You can do it on your own or as a group, and there is no limit to how out-of-the-box, challenging or funny it can be.

      Thirty days hath September, and here are some ideas to inspire you:

      • Ditch the morning takeaway coffee for a month and collect your £1 into an empty cup instead (you can save money AND donate at the same time!)
      • Go to bed one hour earlier each night for a whole month
      • Take it in turns to bake cookies for your colleagues and charge £1 each
      • As a family, turn off ALL screens for an hour each evening and play a board game
      • Run, walk or wheel a lap around the playing field or playground every lunchtime
      • Walk a mile a day (fancy dress is optional)
      • Selfie-challenge with 30 different people in 30 different places and post on social media #OCDA30in30

      Do something awesome!

      Whatever your challenge, by supporting OCD Action you will be making a difference to the lives of people living with OCD.

      Demand for our services, for both young people and adults, is at an all-time high. By taking on the #30in30 Challenge, you will be directly helping OCD Action provide life-changing and often life-saving services such as our Support Groups, which has seen a 40% increase this year compared to last summer.

       How to take part – it’s so easy: 

      1. Sign up today telling us who you are and what you are doing!
      2. Set up a JustGiving page for sponsorship, or simply pay in your own fundraising directly here.
      3. And share all your stories on social media remembering to tag on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and using hashtags #OCDAction and #OCDA30in30.
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        Still time left for #OCDA30IN30!

        Please remember that OCD Action is welcoming everyone  for the remaining days of September to think of inventive ways to raise a £1 a day or £30 in one go!

        Whether you’re on your own or in a group, remember your idea can be imaginative, challenging or funny. See the post above on how you can join OCD Action, have fun and take part… it’s not too late!

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          OCD Action wants to thank each and every one of you whom, during the 30 days of September, thought up innovative ways to raise anything from £1 a day to £30 all at once by participating in September’s #OCDA30IN30!

          Whether you were on your own or in a group, we thank you very much for your wonderful and inventive fund-raising ideas.

          For more information about #OCDA30IN30, which took place in September 2022, please see the posts above.

          Next year, why not join in the fun with other fundraisers and OCD Action, and take part yourself if you didn’t this year?!

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