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      I have Been suffering from OCD for about a year now. I was speaking to a therapist but it didn’t help that much. However I was recently in a relationship with my girlfriend who helped quell that anguish as we would speak a lot and would help Me with it. Unfortunately we split up after 6 months of dating and I have noticed my OCD has gotten a lot worse. I was taking Citalopram for a while but because of Covid I am now Struggling to get hold of my GP

      i have taken a massive backwards step in terms of the thoughts and responses. If I am not thinking about why she broke up with me (never actually said why) it flops back to the gay thoughts and they are coming thick and fast. I have gone back to old habits like testing myself and live in a constant state of anxiety. I am struggling to eat and sleep.

      any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


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