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      Hi everyone…. Well… Today the proverbial really hit the fan today… We decided to go to a supermarket, a large one. We got there early, the car park almost full. I grabbed a trolley, used the antibacterials provided, and entered the store. It is one we haven’t been in before, so didn’t know where everything was. Up and down the aisles I went, grabbing stuff off the shelves as I went. Bread rolls, potatoes, apples, cakes in boxes, even some dinner plates… Milk, more cheese. By this point, the trolley was half full. More stuff went in, until we got to the bacon… It was damp on the packaging, but decided not to worry about it, until we found a piece of pork for Christmas day, as hopefully our three sons will visit, depending on the Corona virus restrictions on the day. The moment I picked it up from the fridge display, I sensed a problem. It was in a plastic tray with cellophane wrapping. Cling film. It was wet underneath… I shudder to think what with… Now I’d actually handled it, and it was the best without too much fat on. I told my wife immediately, and placed the pack in the seat of the trolley. As I tried to work out what to do next, my wife squirted a little antibac gel on to my fingers, and I rubbed my hands together to clean them. I paused to wonder what my CBT therapist would do in the same situation… I managed to not panic… We carried on getting stuff in the trolley, including a Christmas TV guide, then found ourselves in the queue for the checkout. My wife was using her electric disability buggy, so it was down to me to get everything onto the conveyor belt. I got about a third of the way through, then wondered what to do with the meat. I picked up by the edges of the tray, with both hands, and paused… Mmmm…. Then dumped it on the conveyor belt close to the front of my pile of shopping on the belt. I would wait and see what the till operator would do, after all, they are professionals at this sort of thing. I loaded the last of my shopping onto the conveyor belt, and watched out of the corner of my eye. While I waited, they picked the meat pack up, scanned it, then popped it into a polythene bag. Then carried on scanning everything else until it was time to pay.  All sorts… Frozen pizzas, etc. Meanwhile it all went into the trolley… All of it. The checkout operator didn’t need to use antibac, but carried on as normal. They used the till, pushing buttons as normal. My wife paid using her card whilst I moved away from the till. The only place to put it all slowly into carrier bags was a large, sit down bench. We had nearly six bagfulls… got them back in the trolley to get them to the car. To be honest, My wife put it all away when we got home, she is better than me at getting stuff in the freezer, the cupboards and fridge. I proceeded to do what I’m good at… Make tea and coffee…  I paused to wonder… What is now allover the checkout operators hands? What was already on them before serving me? I’m guessing that all the meat that was prepared in store would have been wrapped the same way… Mmmmm… Makes us think doesn’t it? I’ve no idea which shopping they handled after the meat… It was a lot of it… How many times an hour do they clean the till buttons? The conveyor belt? Is it all already contaminated with goodness knows what? Well… Yes… Dangerous? I really don’t know for sure… It’s allover all the other shopping now…  And I cannot wash bread rolls… We’ll have to wait and see what happens…  I know we’ll have a few more items to get tomorrow, cos I forgot the list today…    God bless you for reading.


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