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      Hi everyone…  Yesterday we had a visitor… I play the electronic organ as a hobby, and so does the visitor. Ho could you possibly anti-bac a keyboard between uses? There are literally hundreds of thing to touch, to vary the sound in lots of different ways… I played first, just to get the feel of the thing, and to demonstrate that I can get music out of the thing… It has a fabric cushioned stool to sit on… I didn’t spray it before or after… That would have made the seat damp to sit on… Then my guest took over, showing me how they play… It is real nice to watch and hear someone else playing ‘live’.  Once they got started, they quickly got into their element, and played lot’s of music, and really well! Then it was all of us back into the living room for a quick chat… After my guest left, I didn’t clean anything, but sat straight away back at the organ, and played… Any risk? I really don’t know… Maybe we both ‘Bontaminated’ the keys… Just as people have always done… We know we haven’t got Covid before we start… It feels good to be able to play a musical instrument, touch and feel the controls, Knowing that we will be okay, cos everything is ‘reasonably’ clean, in the domestic environment.  Before the guest came, we had a ‘meal deal’ from a local supermarket… I love hard boiled eggs, but the ones I do at home won’t shell, so it is easier to get them already prepared… Anything on the wrapper? I really don’t know… But to wash everything would have ruined the food… It has always been safe so far… Maybe we could all do this? Gradually…

      God bless you for reading.


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