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      Dear Forum moderators

      I would like to ask one query. My account is showing as created this year although i had created it back 2020. Also all my old posts have been deleted. Is it due to the update??

      Forum Moderator


        Thanks for your questions about:

        • your account showing as being created recently (even though you created it last year) and
        • your posts and private messages from the old forum being deleted

        Please don’t worry about your account! We updated the accounts of all users who were active on the forum between June and early December 2020 (the new forum launch date.) These accounts were all updated while being moved to the new forum.

        Updated accounts are an important part of the forum’s enhanced security that protects all users’ privacy and safety. On the old forum, users could private message each other, which was a potential safety and security risk. The new forums don’t allow for private messaging – this helps to make them a safer place for everyone. Communicating publicly on the forums by replying to posts is far more safe and secure than messaging a user privately.

        When we developed this forum, we found that it wasn’t technically possible to move posts and messages across from the old forum. We kept users up-to-date about these changes by posting topics on the old and new forums. We gave everyone the chance time to ask questions well before the launch date. We’re sorry if you didn’t get the chance to read these topics or ask questions before this new forum went live.

        We do realise that it may take a while to adjust to this new forum. And we hope you understand that we tried to make it a safer place for the entire user community.

        If you’d like any more information on why OCD Action made changes to the new forum, please contact us at

        Best wishes,

        Forum Moderators

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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