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      I keep obsessing over something that happened 18 years ago, I was hanging around with a group that were not a good influence on me. I felt pressured to fit in and I willingly agreed to meet someone. After I told my friends about this, they said ”arent they older?” anyway On and off for years its tormented me not knowing them well and I feel like I did something awful even if they were older than me I never had any contact with this person and I dont even know their name. Part of my head says they were not but the other doubt is really upsetting me.

      I feel like an awful person and keep thinking about it and doing compulsions to make the anxiety go away.


        Hi there,

        We actually become better people by making mistakes and learning from them. Everyone on the planet has a history. We all goofed and messed up as kids, definitely. And our parents before us too. It is a normal function of living. A normal process. Take heart my friend, if we didn’t do things wrong, how else would we know how to correct things, when things went wrong. No one is perfect, regardless of what they may say. As we grow up, we get better at doing things right. And that can only be a good thing. I guess that it is often easier to forgive others for their shortcomings, than it is for us to forgive ourselves, and move on. And yet, we are just as worthy of forgiveness as those around us. Definitely.


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