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      Hi everyone, My life was totally dominated with intrusive thoughts around contamination and checking. I ended up causing me to retire due to ill health, from a job I loved… In care work, Nothing is gonna be perfectly clean, no matter how hard we try. The residents were wonderful, but the staff and relatives less so…  I’ve now progressed onto doing other things… Happier things… More rewarding things.

      Today, I’m actually on less medicine to help me, basically a maintenance dose of night time medicines, and my sleep has greatly improved.

      It is possible to get better from OCD. Definitely. There is a book called ‘Break free from OCD’ written by Fiona Challacombe, and Victoria Bream Oldfield.  It is available from Amazon.

      It can be done… Definitely.  We have to work at it, and praise ourselves for every step forward, however small, right up until bedtime. We do this every day, and progress forward to recovery. I guess we will always have ‘some’ thoughts, but these fade away over time…



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