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      Hi everyone. My intention is that I would bring a new item up, like a sort of magazine… Anyone can join in too… The thing is, last night I lost the remote control for the telly! Remember when we used to find them down the side of the sofa cushion, along with stale crisps, sweet wrappers, and suchlike? We then carried on using them, glad to have control of the telly again! Did we ever clean them? Honestly? And we would have our sandwiches in front of the telly… And chocolate… And more crisps…  And we didn’t get ill… This is evidence, that, just maybe, Our clothes are clean enough… The pen/pencil is clean enough… That computer keyboard is clean enough… I’m the only one using it… So maybe, I don’t contaminate the world… In the medical world, the natural germs on our skin is referred to as flora… And we are all the same species…  We just need to follow Covid regulations… Okay, I’ve exhausted the remote control… On Sunday I’ll be chatting about the humble telephone…  Till then, God bless you for reading.


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