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      What about electric light switches? We haven’t always had touch screens… we didn’t even wash our rubber speccy computers in the 1980’s. Did we even have antibacterials then? Shop door handles. Train door locks and buttons. Oyster card readers on London buses and underground trains. Escalator hand rails… Millions of people touch these things every week. How many get tummy-ache?  Not many, or things would be changed. Bicycle tyre puncture repairs when out on a day trip, perhaps to a picnic. We had nothing to wash our hands with, before eating a bag of potato chips, or sandwiches for lunch. When wiping off the top of a drinks bottle to share…. Never mind wiping off the top, just what were we putting onto the bottle, with the palm of our hand? And yet, we’ve survived quite well, Haven’t we? We weren’t contaminating everything as much as we think… We just need to follow covid rules, and only as much as they ask us to. No more than that. And only minimally, we don’t need to overdo it.  Actual coins and banknotes have never ever  been perfectly clean…


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