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      There’s a lot of the stuff I feel guilty about because I have ocd but much of this stuff is like a voice inside me punishing me. Anyone else?


        Yes, used to be, but not now. I now realize its probably an excessive superego, the internalised voice of supposed authority.


          Yes… Me too… In my  life of over 65 years, I have almost certainly done things wrong sometimes. Was I a perfect parent? I very much doubt it. Driving offences? Yes… Anything I’m not particularly proud of? Well, yes, lot’s, but they no longer dominate my life above the things I’m really, really proud of. A lot of fantastic things have happened to me in my life, along with a few drastic. But, On balance, in my later years I’ve found real purpose in my life, and the people I see around me. It is testament to the help and support I have been lucky to find over the years. My early life was absolute hell. I was a bullied perfectionist. And yet, to be perfect was impossible… And no one else around me was perfect either. I no longer need to be… It’s just not worth the stress and heartache. We need to actually begin to like ourselves as we are. Flawed, maybe, but beautifully human. We actually learn better by trial and error. We become better people for doing so.  When we try to like ourselves for who we are, if we’re lucky, and most of us are (!) Other people will be drawn to like us too. And that is the bonus I guess, we are all searching for…


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