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      So for a while I’ve been questioning my OCD(like actually not ocd)and I think I’m bi but for a couple years I’ve been unsure, and it’s weird I constantly felt like I had to figure it out. Like I thought about it all the time and would start questioning if I was attracted to every person I ever saw (literally sometimes). And from doing this I made myself think I was attracted to people who I really wasn’t attracted to and made me not really sure what real attraction even feels like anymore. And like I said I’m pretty sure I’m bi but my brain keeps trying to convince me that I must be a lesbian and I’m just in denial, even tho I was really sure I’ve liked boys before but now I’m doubting my memory. I never even thought that this could be my OCD because I always think of OCD as being straight thinking your gay, but could this be OCD do you think?

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