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      Is it normal if I doubt what  I have is ocd even if I have Been diagnosed with ocd? My  brain tricks me, think I need more cognitive behavioural therapy to help with it. One thing  my old therapist thought me that was so simple yet I never thought about it before. It was that if I LOSTEN  to the thing my Brain is telling me  I have done, even if it’s something which I know I haven’t, I then validat it so am reinforcing this idea that I do these things. I need to let it pass once it passes and if I don’t focus on it I will try to realise that there is nothing to worry about.

      the fact that I am on here worrying about it describes the type of person I am which is a good person. If I was a bad person would I be on here sharing my thoughts and my concerns? I don’t listen to the tricks my mind is playing on me

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