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      Hi all, I have just joined and am sending a general message about my most recent dip which I an struggling with. I have had intrusive thoughts for a couple of years now (23 now) and I am aware of how it festers and how reassurance is the worst thing for it so i am not asking for reassurance. I do generally battle with thoughts around relationships, career, family and adventures (my values) and whether i am doing myself justice essentially. I had counselling for rocd 4 months ago as I was getting obsessive about being with other girls and specific girls over my current girlfriend of 3 years. I am currently going through a similar patch of obsessing over girls and being single ect. I am aware that it most likely isn’t exactly what I’d want as it is just the grass is greener kind of thing and me and my girlfriend get on so well, I was just looking for advice from anyone who has been through similar things, how they tend to manage these thoughts, i do worry time ect and exercise loads but I would just like some advice on how you manage thoughts and emotions so it allows you to understand what you truly want in a bid to stop questioning yourself all the time. Thanks.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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