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      Hi everyone. I’m gonna try and improve my kindle reader… It is supposed to be possible to use the USB socket to move music from the PC to the kindle, using the same lead that goes between the charger, and the kindle fire. I find that when I’m listening to favourite positive music, playing loudly on headphones, I can handle my OCD a little better. The more recent the better… No point renewing awkward memories from years ago. Barry Gibbs’  Album, ‘In the now’, is uplifting, as is his new album. I’m waiting for my copy from Amazon…  Anyways, I’ll give it a go in a little while, after doing a bit of study.  There has been no ill-effects from the shopping trip… I would say I’ve got a bit of a cold. But that is normal for this time of year anyway.  The news about Vaccine for the Covid situation sounds promising. They’ve practically got to immunise the whole world…  I pause to wonder what is on the computer keyboard… I’ve never cleaned it… Not in years… Mind you, others rarely use it… And I haven’t got any screen wipes… Not for my electronic music keyboards either… And I try not to think about that… I  crowd it out, I just love the sound it makes. 🙂   If you like it, Country and Western music can help to lift our spirits… Loud on headphones. I am on kitchen duty shortly. Most likely, something quick from the freezer .  A freezer which is in our garden shed… A back door to go through, with keys that are never washed… And lock both doors on returning to the kitchen… It was okay last time, But it’s not easy is it? God bless you for reading.


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