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    Random girl

      So I have OCD and I’m scared that I’m actually transgender, even tho I remember when I was younger specifically thinking that I was happy I was a girl and I couldn’t imagine life as a boy, like I was 100% confident I was happy being a girl, but now I feel like I have literally no idea. I came across this post of someone else with OCD and someone who was trying to help replied to them and told them to imagine being the opposite gender and see if it surprise them, and I had never even thought of that before but of course now I had to test it. So I tried imagining myself as a guy and before I really even imagined it, like it wasn’t a very clear image in my head, I felt like I liked it. It didn’t really feel regular  exactly but it didn’t feel like gross or uncomfortable or anything either. But my body didn’t really react to it at all but it was more like a feeling in my brain. Now I’m freaking out cause I don’t know what this feeling means, like it feels like I’m not bothered enough by the thoughts for it to be OCD. Idk what to do, what if I’m just in denial and I thought my whole life was a lie?

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