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      Hi there. Well done everyone I’m proud of you all. 🙂 We’ve all been showy,  not weakness, but actually massive strength to take control of this situation, find a way, and go for it! 🙂  All strong people will occasionally have to retreat, recharge, and then move forward again.  I hope you’ll all have a decent meal tonight. I’m inspired me to get my study started again, but I might be lazy and leave it until Monday. I’ll have my kindle out this afternoon too. No need to feel bitter. Wherever we go in life we’ll meet the people who appear to never have things go awry for them, they will tell us that ‘I never have any trouble with my car/ computer’ etc. But I reckon the truth is, they do, they just don’t admit to it! My teachers at school used to say to me; ‘Your sister can do it, Why can’t you?’ refering to myself.  The thing is, it is highly likely that others in the class were struggling too. I’m not academic, but did well at evening classes for GCSE’s. I think a lot of learning comes down to the way the subject is taught. That and having not enough to eat, and staying up all night doing homework. It was all handwriting in those days, and I didn’t know about blood sugar dropping when we are supposed to be asleep!  I’m preparing to study Psychology, to maybe do counselling… I’m probably a bit to old to practice, but maybe I could write… Once I have a degree, I might be able to get published in something to do with applied Psychology. That would be me making use of the many struggles I’ve had in my life…   Today we did a food shop at the supermarket. The Till operator was wearing fabric gloves to keep warm. I wonder what was on those? He wasn’t worried. And he is the professional… Whatever it is, it is allover the shopping, that my wife has put away so she can find it all again (!). It was okay last time. I used antibac gel on the way into the store, and as it was there, on the way out too. And it was a strict one-way system. I’m gonna make a sandwich now. Mmmm… I’ll wash my hands just once before starting. Cheese rolls. Delicious… More later. God bless you for reading.


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