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      Okay so hi everyone I’m a 20 year old female who got bored from studying and i got an app almost like [Comment: edited by Moderators: please do not name apps/websites/YouTubers/ any media that may have disturbing/ illegal content] on the App Store.

      Mind you I got this app on nothing but good intentions ons and just for sh*ts and giggles since the YouTuber [Comment: name edited by Moderators] got on it. Well I’m on the app an I notice a lot of stuff on there. I got gross out cause I went and read the reviews on the app an this guy was saying that amount of stuff on there is disgusting. Boy when I tell you after I read that I felt so scared and basically think I’m like that now.

      How was I supposed to know about that stuff on there?  When I was alot younger I used to get on apps like those and now that I think of it I’m pretty sure I accidentally happened to see alot of things on there. It wasn’t like I enjoyed it I tried to skip super fast.  Please don’t think I enjoyed it of course I don’t I was on there as well at the time and it’s something im definitely not proud of now and think back on it. I guess reading through review jogged my memories up and now wants to haunt me with it.

      Thank god I deleted it as it is fairly popular on the App Store with alot of people using it it’s supposed to be a safe environment as it says but it really isn’t an my mind keep Saying I enjoyed it n that I got the app just to see it. I know that’s not the answer but my mind is telling me this and it feels so real. Please someone give me an answer am I really like that and should I just off myself. Or is this just ocd messing with my mind? It’s extremely exhausting I just an to give up on life I can’t handle this Anymore….

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